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Rethymno - Crete 


Veranda Rossa 

VERANDA ROSSA, is a complex of 5 independent apartments, is located in the heart of the old town, at one of the entrances below the fortress "Fortezza". On a road where the influence of each of the former conquerors of Rethymno is shown, as there are fountains, typical vestiges and inscriptions along with an old mosque. So the house, which, according to testimony, was the home of a prominent Ottoman, has been heavily in evidence of its inhabitants over the centuries. During the renovation, these elements were preserved in each apartment, such as the hamam, the Turkish well in the yard, the old wood oven, the stone details and arches on the walls combined with all the modern comforts and high aesthetics, thus providing visitors a comfortable and unique stay.



Ideal for family, Relaxing, Traditional, Ideal for couples

Studio Apartment 1

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Studio Apartment 2

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Maisonette 3

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Maisonette 4

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Maisonette 5

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